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No. CE-00-18
March 30, 2000

SAIB’s are posted on the internet at http://av-info.faa.gov
This is issued for informational purposes only and any recommendation for corrective action is not mandatory.

The purpose of this Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) is to advise owners and operators of Allison Engine Company AE 3007A series engines (registered trade name Rolls-Royce Allison) of upcoming configuration improvements concerning engine caused cabin smoke or odor events. This engine series is installed on, but not limited to Embraer EMB-135 and EMB-145 series airplanes.

Some instances of smoke or odor in the aircraft cabin have been produced by oil leaks or fuel vapors originating from Rolls-Royce Allison AE 3007A Series engines. This SAIB is being sent to operators to provide information regarding configuration modifications or inspections that are being made available to address engine related sources for such events.

The related Service Bulletins will be issued or re-issued classified as ALERT. Engine inspections and modifications which will be incorporated at Approved Maintenance Centers for all engines inducted May 2000 or later are as follows:

Also, modifications related to the fuel nozzle tip will be released to production in May 2000. Field returned nozzles processed for scheduled maintenance will be upgraded starting in May 2000 at a rate subject to supplier rework capacity.

The FAA recommends that owners/operators of AE 3007A engines have the engine modifications listed above (other than fuel nozzle improvements) incorporated when the engine is inducted into an Approved Maintenance Center in May, 2000 or later. Fuel nozzle improvements will be managed by Rolls-Royce Allison and the nozzle supplier without need for specific operator action. Rolls-Royce Allison will be contacting selected airlines for in-service operational data of the initial installations of this modified nozzle.

The FAA also recommends owners/operators of AE 3007A engines be aware of the improvements being made to the engine Fault Isolation Manual (FIM). To aid diagnostics and actions if a odor/smoke event is determined to be caused by the engine, FIM Task 79-37-00-810-808 dated 27 Oct 99 or later, should be used for isolation of engine caused cabin smoke or odor events. Other tasks in the Fault Isolation Manual help to isolate these same leakage sources as indicated by symptoms of starting problems or visible leakage.

For Further Information Contact:
Kyri Zaroyiannis, Aerospace Engineer, FAA, Chicago Aircraft Certification Office, Propulsion Branch, ACE-118C; 2300 East Devon Avenue, Des Plaines, IL 60018; telephone: (847) 294-7836; facsimile:  (847) 294-7834.